Latest Tutorial SEO for New Bloggers

Are you starting your first blog? Looking for some tips and advice for new bloggers? As informed before, we would focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), specifically SEO for Blogger.

Before we step ahead to the more complicated things on SEO, I would like to instill the main ideas behind SEO. Below are some of them:

Natural and humane

The main goal of SEO techniques application is to make our blog place the top position of search engine result page, or in other words, to make our blog prioritized. Therefore, we should know the likes and dislikes by Search Engines.

Yeah, take search engines as human beings that certainly are humane or have the natures of human, e.g.:

  • Dislike being deceived. In world of SEO, we will find the term Black Hat SEO. It is the SEO technique that applies the deception to the search engines, e.g. hidden text, hidden link, Keyword repetition, and more. Basically, search engines dislike the deception-techniques, as called Black Hat SEO.
  • Like informative blogs. As occurring in our real world, people will like other people who can give useful information both for individuals and for public, and so do search engines.
  • Dislike the excessiveness. I think there are a few people that like the overacting people, and so do search engines, which also don't like the excessive blogs.
  • Like blogs with original content. In our real world, the plagiarism is one of bad natures even most people dislike the plagiarism, and so do search engines. The search engines will never like what is so-called plagiarism or the blog contents resulting from Copy and Paste.
  • And many more.

Search Engines indexing the blog contents

Most of us are probably not familiar with the practical details of search engine indexing.What you have to instill in SEO is that Search Engines index the entire blog contents, and that could be a consideration for Search Engines to prioritize our blog.

Maybe you have heard in SEO tips that in choosing a domain name, we should consider and include one of the keywords related to our main blog's topic. Or perhaps you have heard that post titles should contain the targeted keywords, first paragraph should contain the targeted keywords, or perhaps you also have heard the term "Content Is the King". All of them is aimed to optimizing the search engines, which will index anything on your blog and then display them on the search engine result pages.

Here is an illustration. I try to write the keyword of Blogspot Tutorial in Google search engine and see the result below:

blogspot tutorial

And the winner of the keyword is

Why so? One of the factors is the domain name is the same as the keyword, and the blog post contains the keyword.

So, the bottom line is Search Engines index the writing. Without writing on your blog, all SEO techniques you may apply will be in vain.

SEO is a competition

In fact, SEO is a competition. Those who apply the SEO techniques appropriately will be the winners. No half-hearted, the competitors in SEO could amount of tens of thousands or even tens of millions.

See how students in one classroom could have the different intelligence whereas they have the same lessons, the same teachers, even the same room, but the first ranking will belong to one student. Ask why? Compared to other students as competitors, the first-ranked student should have succeeded in applying anything that he or she has learnt from his or her teachers as well as textbooks.

SEO technique amounts more than one

There is no only one type of SEO technique. Even it is an infinite number. Therefore, don't hope too much that you will have a blog with best position in the search engines just by applying one SEO technique.

In addition, SEO is dynamic. From time to time, the SEO techniques will experience the change and advancement because the developers of Search Engines always update the algorithms of their Search Engines.

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