What and How SEO Friendly Domain

Are you starting your first blog? Looking for some tips and advice for new bloggers?One of so many factors that supports SEO is domain, so choosing SEO-friendly domain is necessary. So what and how to choose SEO Friendly Domain?

SEO friendly domain is the domain name that contains one of the keywords of your blog's topic. Moreover, all targeted keywords are included in the domain name. For instance, your blog's topic is about:

Car rental

If it is possible, the domain name would contain both keywords, e.g.:

carrental.com, carrental.net, carrental.info, etc.

However, such popular domain names have been used by other people, so you can try other variations, e.g.:

rentalcar.com, rentalcar.net, rentalcar.info, etc.

Or, you can create many other variations such as:

Cheapcarrental.com, fastcarrental.com, easycarrental.com, moderncarrental,com, luxcarrental.com, etc.

Or to make domain name easy to remember, the use of city name could be an alternative, e.g.:

Newyorkcarrental,com, nevadacarrental,com, bostoncarrental,com, etc.

If you get difficulty to find the available domain names that best fit your blog topic, you can try to find other domain names with at least containing one keyword, car or rental, e.g.:

Cheaprental.com, fastrental,com, completecar.com, solutioncar.com, etc.

Things to avoid when choosing domain

There are things to avoid when choosing domain because of no-SEO friendly reasons, as below:

  • Avoid choosing domain name with many combinations of letters and numbers, such as c4rr3nt4l.com, because such a domain name is completely not SEO friendly. If you are forced to use the combination of letters and numbers, make it in reasonable scale, such as 4shared.com, blogtemplate4u.com, and more.
  • Don't repeat the same keywords more frequently because it can be considered as spam by search engines, such as carcarcar.com, rentalrentalrental.com, etc.
  • Avoid choosing domain that is not relevant to your blog topic, for instance, if your blog is dog food, you may not use domain with keyword car.
  • And many more.


Perhaps you disprove above writing because your blog can be popular without considering targeted keyword. That's true, but here I would like to emphasize that SEO(search-engine-optimization) friendly domain name is only one of so many SEO techniques. So, if domain without keywords could also be popular.

-how in blog

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